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Press Release | June 2023 | NewOrg Announces Accelerator Grant Program

NewOrg Announces the Accelerator Grant Program

New source of funding for small non profits to benefit from modern data management

WASHINGTON, DC – NewOrg Management System, a leading online data management platform for nonprofit organizations, social services and government agencies, today announces the NewOrg Accelerator Grant Program.


The Accelerator Grant Program (AGP) was established to assist qualified non profit organizations with the expense of implementing a comprehensive data management platform.  Many small non profits can benefit greatly by improving efficiency, transparency, and sustainability but lack the funding to get started with an implementation. The AGP provides up to $2500 towards the implementation of NewOrg and is available to non profit organizations in Canada and the USA with budgets under $2 million.


“Many smaller organizations struggle with administrative costs while growing their services and reach.  A comprehensive data platform like NewOrg, when properly implemented and managed, can have a big impact on an organization’s ability to grow.  Combined with NewOrg’s Quick Start package, the Accelerator Grant Program will allow many smaller groups to receive the benefits of a modern system sooner than they otherwise could.  NewOrg is committed to accelerating our partner’s missions and impact.”

Nick Rowan, Executive Vice President, NewOrg Management System Inc.


AGP grants are provided to 501C3 (USA) and Registered Charitable Organizations (Canada) with budgets under $2 million (USD or CAD respectively) for the purpose of implementing the NewOrg Management System.  The grants require only a written statement of need and will not exceed $2500 or 50% of the cost of implementation.  Contact for more information.




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NewOrg is a leading software developer providing a cloud-based data management platform for nonprofits and local government, with more than 50,000 users in the US & Canada since 2006. Celebrating 17 years providing complete, 100% turn-key data management for nonprofit organizations and affiliates, NewOrg’s integrated software and service approach ensures that our partners improve efficiency, transparency, and sustainability.

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