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Integrated Data and Case Management, Outcome Reporting + Communication Hub

100% Tailored to Your Needs Now + Scalable as You Grow With Us …

The NewOrg Management System is more than just software, it is long-term solution to managing your data and workflows that empowers staff, and improves your organization’s transparency, efficiency, and sustainability. Our approach to understanding the details of your organization’s processes allows us to quickly provide a unique “tailored to you” solution no matter how complex your service delivery.

In addition to everything you’d expect from a robust Client, Services, and Case Management system, NewOrg has a wide range of complementary features. This broad functionality, combined with flexible customization and deep integrations, makes NewOrg a great solution for almost any program or line of service.

Accessible from Anywhere: Provide customized access for your staff, volunteers, donors and other constituents via any internet connected device. Mobile and tablet friendly screens so your people can connect and be productive from anywhere, anytime.

Secure & Compliant: NewOrg handles backups and security to protect your data and your peace of mind. Because NewOrg is hosted on our servers, no new hardware or specialized IT staff are required. NewOrg is compliant with major government regulations across North America and the European Union, including HIPAA, PIPEDA, and the GDPR.

Transparent Pricing, Custom Documentation for Your Team + Unlimited Personal Support: NewOrg’s proven processes + transparent pricing are designed to ensure your organization’s success when getting started, and without incurring any unexpected “gotcha” costs with ongoing use of your system. Major upgrades are always free, as are our monthly live trainings and access to the growing recorded library of tips, tricks + best practices. We’ll help you train new hires, help you handle programmatic reporting changes/requirements … and your free annual review includes 4 free hours of customizations. #growwithus

NewOrg Summer 22 Release graphicSummer 22 Release is here, with 5 new features you’ll love (free upgrade for all partners).  Read More 

  • HIPAA, PIPEDA & GDPR compliant design
  • Grant complex permissions by individual user, department, role, etc.
  • Capture information in office or remotely via any device type
  • Configure an unlimited number of programs
  • Customize fields, forms, services, activities, surveys, testing tools
  • Flexible customization allows management of multiple complex programs
  • Report on activities, demographics, outcomes, or anything else collected
  • Store files, forms, and electronic signatures to eliminate paper processes
  • Report on any field of information in NewOrg
  • Filter report matches by any field in NewOrg
  • Edit underlying data with one click
  • Pre/Post testing is powerful and easy to configure
  • Drill down to source records
  • Re-group report fields on the fly, eliminating multiple separate reports
  • Group results banded by ages, averages, etc.
  • Reports include one click Bar and Pie charts (copy/paste into Word or Powerpoint)
  • Summary & Pivot Tables
  • One click to export in multiple formats including CSV

Many non-profit organizations are changing their funding models to include more fee-for-service activities that are reimbursable by the government or other funding sources. At the same time, the Federal Government will soon be requiring Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) and many other funding sources are moving towards similar verification requirements.

NewOrg’s flexible design provides fully integrated EVV at the point of care, regardless of where it is physically being delivered, and we offer several approaches to complying with the new EVV requirements to ensure compliance and eliminate potential fraud. EVV requirements vary and we provide solutions including any mix of the following:

  • Record exact date, time and location of visit in a reportable electronic audit trail
  • Geo-mapping to the client’s location is included
  • Capture notes and data points specific to the service type being provided
  • Electronic signatures (E-signatures) can be captured in the field
  • Capture a photograph of documents, client, living area, etc.
  • Capture reimbursable mileage based on your staff member’s starting point and client’s location; accommodates tracking mileage for multiple appointments on the same day
  • NewOrg can be accessed by all mobile device types – Android, iPhone, Google phone, etc.
  • Verify employee compliance with scheduled care plans and document duration of visits
  • Verification occurs automatically with completion of tasks so you don’t have to alter staff workflows

EVV requirements for Government funded programs vary from state to state as well as do the requirements of other funders. Contact us, tell us about your need and we will show you how NewOrg can cost effectively keep you in compliance.

Here are two new enhancements designed to reduce navigation clicks and staff time entering data:

  • Facesheet is a new summary view for simplifying intakes and updating client records by allowing you to see and modify all standard and custom fields in a contact record one from just one quick loading screen and eliminates multiple tab clicks to access disparate fields in different system areas.
  • Direct Tab Access Icons let a user go from a simple contact lookup directly to important data areas in a selected contact that are not included in the Facesheet form fields.

Check out this short video showing how to put the focus back on your clients:


  • Each user has a custom dashboard
  • Use existing or customized reports to gather information to be displayed
  • Display results at staff, supervisor or organization level
  • Present information as numeric, pie or bar charts
  • Mouse over pie & chart sections to view additional information
  • Report by period – month to date, YTD or last year vs. this year, etc.
  • Click to expand to the underlying data
  • Get a snapshot of each user’s key information in one place!

Check out this short video showing the NewOrg Dashboard:

NewOrg provides a HIPAA, PIPEDA & GDPR compliant web portal linked to your website that accommodates a range of interactions, configured specific to your needs.

  • Volunteer, client or inquiry application forms
  • Using permissions, stakeholders can update personal contact information
  • Registration for free and paid events including online payment processing
  • Calendars (you can have multiple) for different activity types
  • Creation and recording of new events and activity information
  • Uploading of documents on a HIPAA, PIPEDA & GDPR secured basis
  • Access to document folders based on sign-in permissions

See an example of a NewOrg web portal:

  • A public facing web portal tailored to your specific needs (see the below Custom Web Portal section)
  • Easily configured application forms plus document import capability
  • Add additional pages to capture skills, interests, availability and more
  • Have multiple event registration calendars for different departments and activity types
  • Check-in/check-out electronically on location with all device types
  • Combine open registration slots with slots for multiple restricted groups – you define
  • Automatic e-mail registration confirmations, reminders and event follow-up mailings if you want
  • Sponsorship promotion & Group volunteering
  • Sophisticated reporting to enable complex volunteer/client criteria matching designed for you
  • Robust reporting on attendance, date range activity, etc. and easily create reports specific to your needs
  • Fully compliant with HIPAA, PIPEDA & GDPR personal information security requirements
  • See the above EVV topic if you need any type of location/time/photo capture with your volunteer activity tracking

See how NewOrg manages complex activities and reporting requirements:

  • Segment & profile donors for campaign development
  • Moves Management/Cultivation tools & reports
  • Create campaigns based on actual engagement and donation history
  • Online donations
  • Online event registration & payment
  • Credit card processing
  • Unlimited print or e-mail receipts & thank you templates that can be easily created
  • Pledge & in-kind management
  • Posting functionality to avoid double entry with your accounting system
  • Powerful included mass e-mail tool to create your appeals and metrics to measure your successes
  • Flexible reporting to match your management style and process needs

Here are three videos showing (Part 1) an overview of NewOrg’s Donation Management tool, (Part 2) more specifics about Donor Prospect and Campaign/Pipeline Management and (Part 3) actual Donation processing and integration with your accounting system.

Here is the quick overview video:


Donor Prospect & Pipeline Management:


Donation entry and how NewOrg is configured for your accounting system:

  • Segment and create mailing lists based on any report and layer multiple contact searches
  • Mail merge information from any contact record field
  • Fully customizable & personalized templates for Newsletters, Receipts, Thank yous, Reminders, Notifications, etc.
  • Scheduled and automatic sending for confirmations, reminders, receipts, etc.
  • Metrics reporting for Opens, Bounce, Click thru’s, Forwards and Unsubscribe reporting
  • Instant exporting of lists you create in NewOrg
  • Print option for snail mail & physical mailing labels
  • Double opt-in options for subscribers is available
  • Collect and report outcome data to validate your effectiveness
  • Anonymous or secured surveys and input forms
  • Multiple question types – narrative, multiple choice, drop-down, etc.
  • Multi-page and ability to add logic
  • Embed links in e-mails and capture response results directly to NewOrg records
  • Pre/Post testing and capturing intake information is simplified
  • Satisfaction surveys
  • Evaluation tools
  • NewOrg’s sophisticated report tool allows drill down into detail of results
  • Easily export results for further analysis or for funders
  • Upload or directly “scan to save” documents of any kind
  • Company directory for commonly used documents and files eliminating risk of using modified forms
  • Store and manage files within contact/client records
  • Store and manage files associated with events/services to the event record
  • Create reports for intake workflow and missing files
  • Granular HIPAA, PIPEDA & GDPR compliant user permissions define who can see which files
  • Secured, permissions based access to files from the external facing web portal is available

Ready to go paperless?  NewOrg can move all of your important forms online and allows electronic signatures by staff, other professionals, clients, caregivers, volunteers, etc. Our non-profit partners have moved entire multi-page application processes including document upload plus we allow multiple applicant visits to complete the process. Form appearance is configured to your needs and signatures can be collected on phones, tablets, signature pads or any touchscreen and everything is fully compliant with HIPAA, PIPEDA & GDPR personal information security requirements.


Watch how you can verify event attendance in the field with any device:

NewOrg functionality works across all device types:

The NewOrg Management System is designed to be a central repository of your organization’s data. To be effective, it must be a part of your staff’s daily routine. Through a familiar calendar inteface and highly customizable fields, NewOrg allows your staff to easily manage their schedules and record important client and activity information which can then be used for reporting purposes. No more entering appointment and session information into two or three places.

  • Standard scheduling features you would expect, easily filtered by individual users, department, location, activity type, etc. plus HIPAA, PIPEDA & GDPR compliant permission controls to restrict viewing of sensitive activities and notes.
  • Appointments recorded in the NewOrg calendar can also be added to user’s Outlook or Google calendars and exported to spreadsheets or other formats.
  • Standard functions include reminders, recurring appointments, and multi-staff, multi-client or multi-funder events, group scheduling,  time tracking, recording mileage, parking and toll information to ensure accurate billing and reimbursement plus EVV (Electronic Visit Verification) for activity auditing.
  • Your staff records many different types of activities, many of which require specific detailed information. NewOrg allows creation of unique custom fields associated with specific activity types to ensure all relevant information is captured for reporting.
  • Calendar events can be tied to your public facing web portal for online reservations, event calendars, partner calendars and collaboration.

Imagine a simple, single interface for staff to record and manage their time for all of the activities they perform, with ties to payroll, your web portal, clients, donors, services, and events. NewOrg reduces data entry, reporting, and administration overhead, while giving your staff instant access to the information they need to serve your stakeholders and better manage their time.

See an overview of NewOrg scheduling:


See actual scheduling of staff using NewOrg:

Today’s internet reality is that every software system is constantly being probed for vulnerability. As part of NewOrg’s HIPAA, PIPEDA & GDPR compliant security design, our starting point for defense is restricting who can access your system based on geography. NewOrg provides this “first step” defensive capability to:

  • Protect your system from attacks and fraud by limiting access to your system, donation pages, calendars etc.
  • Specify which countries have access to your system.
  • See which countries your traffic is coming from.
  • Block or white-list specific IP addresses.

Securing partner information is our number one priority and we are constantly modifying protocols to address new threats as they emerge.