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NewOrg Summer 22 Release is Here for You

NewOrg Summer22 Release page top graphic

NewOrg is always working on new + improved features to help you and your team organize and thrive. We have full-time developers, project managers and support on staff — experts with 15 years experience with complex nonprofit workflows and ever-changing funder reporting requirements for multiple programs (up to 30) to make sure you reach your goals.

Here are highlights of the top 5 new + improved features you’ll love from the Summer ’22 new release.  Yay! 

#1 – ‘CC Me’ powered by NewOrg

Say goodbye to copying + pasting emails between systems. With CC Me from NewOrg, you simply CC to and the email will be migrated to the appropriate NewOrg record automagically. Works with any email program you use, from Outlook to GSuite. Contact support to get more details and to turn on this free feature today.

#2 – Secure PDF Signatures powered by NewOrg (free upgrade for all existing partners)

For clients who currently use DocuSign or other tools for sharing and signing PDF documents, you won’t need to pay for that extension anymore because we’ve implemented secure PDF signatures for free. Huzzah! Upload PDF files to NewOrg File Sharing to design, change, and add electronic signatures to your documents, then securely share with clients via email or SMS to complete and sign. At no additional cost, this new feature can replace the need for external extensions like DocuSign (typically $20 or $30 a month) because NewOrg can replicate organizational, funders, or government forms that you can securely send/share with your clients or contacts, resulting in improved intake processes + workflows that’ll make you smile.

NewOrg Form Assistant and CC Me Features graphic

#3 – New + Improved File Sharing Command Center

A major upgrade to the File Sharing Admin center that’s been a top request from you! Get better insights into everything that’s been shared across your organization and with those you serve via the NewOrg File Sharing Command Center. Dive into your File Sharing History and check individual documents’ signed status. In one place, you can now see all your file shares with all contacts, including status (completed/read), expiration dates, and re-send and re-share with a single click! The command center lets you easily see who has completed their documents and send reminders to those who haven’t. Check out the recorded Group Training session in your user portal to learn more (August 25 sesh with Jared). PS NewOrg admins rock! ?

NewOrg File Command Center graphic

#4 – Introducing the NewOrg “Form Assistant”

Intuitive color-coding of signature blocks and ability to assign them to specific people now makes it super clear to each person what needs to be filled out by whom. Especially useful when multiple signatures are required by multiple people. You now can deploy color coding by signatory – shows hovering color of area(s) requiring their signature. Makes it easier to fill out forms and improves accuracy, timeliness, and completeness, especially when multiple signatures are required. Encourage (and get) assent faster + easier with 100% transparency, trackability and insight. ?? #2thumbsup  Yup, as usual, this is a 100% free upgrade to all partners. 

#5 – Faster Report Generation, Downloads + Exports … Now With Geomapping

We know reports are really important for our partners, and that larger reports can be time-consuming for downloading/exporting. That’s why we have focused a lot of effort on improving report speed through server upgrades and other recent optimizations. You should be experiencing significantly faster download and export times for reports that return lots of rows. Some additional changes will be rolled out over the next month in our continuous efforts to serve you better – we’ll keep you posted! In the meantime, if you haven’t checked it out, here’s a sneak peek at new Geomapping functionalities available on your reports.

NewOrg Geopmapping on Reports graphic

“We love NewOrg!”

I won’t lie in saying it has been a heavy lift to get a handle on the complexity of our reports and the data needed to fulfill our grant reporting requirements, but NewOrg has been patient and helpful each step of the way. The hours of time they have dedicated to our teams has been amazing. Our staffing capacity due to responding to COVID in our community has been challenged these past two years and continues to challenge us. Even with the challenge of merging four organizations into one database, I am more grateful than ever that we made the decision to transition to NewOrg. We receive support from this team that never existed before, and for that I am deeply grateful.

Reasons for Choosing NewOrg | We had many calls with NewOrg prior to purchase, and unlimited customer support was a huge factor. They also seemed to “get” us and our organization’s needs.

Reasons for Switching to NewOrg | Cost and customer support

At the end of the day – NewOrg is helping us tell our story and bring our data to life. We are on the precipice of being able to capture data for the thousands of community members served by Sierra Community House each year. That is a major accomplishment, and we could not be doing it without NewOrg.

Kristy O, Director of Development, Sierra Community House
51-200 employees | Client for 2+ years

  • Overall Quality | 5 stars
  • Ease of Use | 5 stars
  • Customer Support | 5 stars
  • Features/ Functionality | 5 stars
  • Value for Money | 5 stars

Likelihood to Recommend to Others:
10 out of 10 stars