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Emergency Assistance & Community Food Banks

Emergency assistance takes many forms. NewOrg is easily tailored to capture the specific information you need about your clients and the help you provide to them. Custom fields are easily created and arranged for ease of use and user permissions can be assigned so that you collect the right data for each type of client and program, and only the appropriate staff or volunteers can access it.

NewOrg is the perfect solution for assistance programs, with flexibility and customizable features which can adapt to your services and workflows:

  • Capture household and relationship information specific to your served individuals and service types
  • Track details about each assistance event
  • Add flags and alerts to client records
  • Calculate eligibility based on your custom timing and rules
  • Track referrals and outcomes
  • Track and report on demographics and assistance
  • Manage and track financial assistance as well as funding sources
  • Schedule and manage field services and delivers, by staff or volunteers
  • Powerful management, board and funder reporting customized to your requirements
  • Individual staff user dashboards to measure real-time program impact
  • Fully compliant with HIPAA, PIPEDA & GDPR personal information security requirements

Whether you are an established agency or one ready to transition from paper and spreadsheets to a better solution then you should be considering NewOrg. You’re probably here because you have some challenge that you are dealing with; have a short conversation with us, let know what needs improving and it may be the first step in making a bigger impact on the community that you serve.