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Mentoring & Volunteer Matching

Mentoring programs, whether for at-risk-youth, children in foster care or adoptive grandparents, or similar programs, require specialized solutions to safely pair clients with appropriate mentors. Interactions between clients and mentors need to be carefully tracked and successes need to be measured. NewOrg provides this advanced client/volunteer management functionality, tailored specifically to your program needs.

For volunteers helping around the office, performing organized group service events, or providing services in the field or directly with clients, NewOrg can help track activity, manage schedules, automate and reduce data entry, and provide transparency and reporting to your volunteer programs.  Features include:

  • Online volunteer sign-up & event registration
  • Capture skills, interests, availability, etc.
  • E-Waivers, vetting, credentialing, background checks, etc.
  • Scan and store copies of documents & ID
  • Secure online event and shift signup via your NewOrg web portal
  • Automatic registration confirmations, pre-event reminders and post-event emails
  • Sophisticated client -volunteer matching specific to your program requirements
  • Online self reporting of hours, mileage, notes, etc.
  • Mapping & driving directions
  • Tracking of Mentee/Mentor activities with robust reporting
  • Mobile friendly screens designed around your program requirements
  • Specific functionality apps for smartphones
  • Fully compliant with HIPAA, PIPEDA & GDPR personal information security requirements

We have found that every mentoring program is unique, and NewOrg has the flexibility to handle just about any requirements. Contact us to see if NewOrg would be right for your programs!