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Immigration/Resettlement Services

Since initially replacing many CORI-HOMES systems, NewOrg has partnered with some of the leading provincial Canadian Resettlement/Immigration agencies in developing innovative and comprehensive systems to manage all aspects of programming, from referral and intake to outcome reporting.  NewOrg’s ability to integrate/upload to iCare means timely, more accurate reporting and less administrative overhead.

Here are some of the solutions provided by NewOrg:

  • Analytics and Reporting:  NewOrg’s Reporting and Analytics tools are built on a framework that allows for rapid customization as well as a pre-configured list of standard organizational reports, offering incredible flexibility in working with the data your organization captures.  Breaking down your data by location, gender, service type, funding source becomes simple.
  • Event follow-up, and notification emails: NewOrg can generate follow-up emails and events automatically that can be set in predefined intervals or selected manually using specific dates. These follow-up events can be activated within the system by creating program guided rules that assure the follow-up event is scheduled. Follow-up events will then be generated and added to the client and case managers’ calendar.  By providing this automatic workflow reinforces the event scheduling process and allows your intakes to become a standard process.
  • External Databases Integration: NewOrg provides export capability to most commonly used file formats.  Allowing you to integrate with Private, Provincial/State/Federal funding systems (iCARE, DCF, HUD, etc), and advanced analytics tools like Crystal Reports.
  • Forms Manager: NewOrg provides forms and surveys to collect information directly from clients.  Whether recording pre/post test results in a session, collecting online applications, or emailing an outcome questionnaire to a former client, NewOrg provides flexible ways to collect the information needed to manage and improve your programs.
  • Multi-party Approval/Permissions: Seamlessly manage intake, internal assessment, and referrals for services.  Schedule appointments and group sessions, manage wait lists, and record and communicate third party referrals.
  • Needs assessment, Case Notes, and forms:  Use NewOrg to create a variety of needs assessment templates that can pre-populate, providing an alternative to printed forms.  Go paperless with electronic signatures using a phone, tablet or signature pad.
  • Record Notes and Alerts:  NewOrg allows a note or alert to pop-up on any record tagged. By highlighting any potential unfinished intakes, missing records or general notes about the client or service being provided the alert will ensure the next person reviewing the record is notified.   Time and date of the note or alert is highlighted in the record and the alert must be clicked on prior to entering the record.
  • Referral Partners: Information is easily stored within the NewOrg System.  Your partners can even be provided limited access to your system via permissions or the creation of a front facing Web portal for self-service in referring to your program.
  • Settlement Planning Processes: NewOrg’s workflow functionality allows for the creation of linked input screens (and forms) based on rules created within the system that match your organizations’ requirements. Generate Constituent Intake Data, Program Data, Exit Data as well as any processes that might require multiple steps.
  • Fully compliant with HIPAA, PIPEDA & GDPR personal information security requirements

NewOrg is probably working with agency partners of yours and you don’t even know it. If you face challenges with your current management system, let’s have a conversation to see if NewOrg could help your organization.