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Feature Announcements

The NewOrg team is always working on new and improved features to help you and your organization organize and thrive. Stay tuned here for sneak peeks at what’s next, and catch up on new releases + feature announcements you may have missed …

SMS/Text Messaging

Integrated text and email messaging makes client, donor and volunteer communication more effective.

Target/Goal Reporting

Set targets on your dashboard items to stay constantly up to date on performance and compliance.  Beautiful visual representation in graphs as well as detailed tables with % achieved and pro rata performance.

Dashboards – New Management Features!

NewOrg Dashboards just got a lot more flexible!  You can now create multiple dashboards, for yourself, or to share with other users, departments, or locations!

You can also now adjust the timescale on the fly!

New OpenAPI Platform

NewOrg now includes a self documenting API builder to allow your system to integrate with other systems.

Without getting too geeky, this means NewOrg can create new forms for you to connect many third-party applications to your database (via a secure, private API key) … reducing customization time + offering you even more flexibility and automation as your organization changes and grows. Just send a free Support Ticket our way + get connected to a wider world of integration. Goodbye, manual export/import!

NewOrg Announces Electronic File Sharing, Signatures, and File Uploads

Serve clients efficiently while working remotely. Streamline your intake processes and service documentation in a simple, secure, and efficient way


NewOrg Logo

Secure electronic file sharing is the next step in going paperless. Especially in the current environment, combining video conferencing with the ability to present documents for electronic signature, access to treatment plans and other clinical documentation, and collecting images and documents securely from clients, allows organizations with complex workflows to keep serving clients remotely.

NewOrg now allows non-profit organizations to manage their entire intake and service delivery processes online. Securely send and request documents, signatures, surveys/forms, and diagnostic tools in a HIPAA-compliant manner, while keeping staff informed when clients or volunteers complete requested steps. NewOrg makes going paperless simple for organizations and their clients.

NewOrg Announces Online Appointment Scheduling

Streamline Scheduling with NewOrg Management System’s Client Portal Features


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NewOrg’s new online scheduling system allows staff to publish their availability and lets clients easily select appointment times online, with no back and forth via email or phone. Appointments are created directly in the staff’s NewOrg calendar and can then be used for secure video conferences, gathering needed documents and signatures before the appointment, and then entering case notes or other documentation. Simplify and streamline your appointment scheduling and ensure accurate documentation and billing with NewOrg Management System’s client portal features.

NewOrg Announces Integrated SMS Text Messaging

Enhancing communication for nonprofits through mass and transactional email and SMS texting


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NewOrg has enhanced its communications options to include text messaging (SMS) along with traditional mass email and transactional email. Personalized mass mail can now be sent via email or SMS based on suitability or contact preferences. Automatic event reminders, thank you notes and donation/payment receipts can be sent via email or SMS based on contact preference. Replies are stored and tracked, allowing for robust communication integrated with case notes, volunteer activities, and fundraising. All communications are tracked in the database and can be reported on for analysis, operations, and audit purposes.

Communicate with your constituents through multiple channels based on how they want to be reached!

NewOrg Announces Built in Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

NewOrg now supports auditable geocoding, client signature capture, and image capture, all from a cell phone or tablet, for services delivered in the field


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NewOrg has released integrated Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) including automatic geolocation, client signature, and image capture for laptops, tablets and smartphones.  The system can automatically store geolocation at the time of service, ensuring that visits can be verified in an auditable fashion.  Staff can also allow clients to sign case plans, waivers, or service events in real time on a phone or tablet.  Additionally, staff or volunteers can take photo’s on their phone or other device and upload directly to a client’s record or the service activity.  Importantly, these features are built directly into the screens and workflow that staff and volunteers already use.

Combined, these features provide industry leading Electronic Visit Verification for insurance billing, grant reporting, and accreditation compliance.

NewOrg Announces Video Conferencing

Allowing Organizations to Thrive in a Virtual Environment

With social distancing, comes new social norms. Although in person meetings may not be gone forever, organizations as well as employees must adjust to working and communicating remotely. To assist organizations adapting to this new norm, NewOrg provides a HIPAA compliant video conferencing platform that allows organizations to meet with clients and staff members remotely, via audio or video conferencing. Within the NewOrg Video Conferencing Platform, computer or mobile device screens can be shared with attendees.

NewOrg video set up is easy to use and launches straight from events created in NewOrg. There are multiple camera formats as well as gallery views for all attendees. Importantly, participants can share and upload documents, capture electronic signatures, and complete surveys and diagnostic tests/tools in real time. This eliminates the need for faxing or insecurely emailing sensitive client data, and can dramatically speed up processes that used to require in-person interactions.

The ultimate multi-functional tool, NewOrg’s video conferencing component provides a user-friendly interface to maximize remote communication. Built-in features include chat and file sharing.



For the last 6 years, Jewish Community Services of Miami has used NewOrg for case management, scheduling, session notes, assessments, grant reporting, insurance billing, and other program tasks. The organization is a lifeline for those in need of counseling, help with food insufficiency, assistance to seniors, and so much more. Jewish Community Services recently started utilizing the video conferencing platform to meet with clients and caregivers during the pandemic, with great success.

One simple meeting invite link allows clients to join the secure NewOrg video conferencing center. During a session, staff and clients can share documents such as waivers and questionnaires and complete forms and signatures online. Having everything in NewOrg makes managing documents, clients, and schedules easier, and having the video conferencing built-in makes teletherapy and other client interaction secure and auditable.

NewOrg remains committed to helping nonprofit organizations and social services agencies to manage data, streamline processes, and improve efficiency and outcomes. Video Conferencing is one more tool in the evolving NewOrg platform.