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Press Release | January 2023 | Catholic Charities of South Carolina Implements NewOrg for Streamlined Data Management

NewOrg Management System, a leading online data management platform for nonprofit organizations, social services, and government agencies, is excited to announce a successful implementation project for Catholic Charities of South Carolina. 


Catholic Charities of South Carolina (CCSC) has over 70 years of experience providing essential services to people throughout South Carolina. From restorative justice services to senior living, their unique and tailored programs impact thousands of people every day. Because they cover the entire state of South Carolina, CCSC has a wide network of volunteers and employees all working towards the goal of serving those who need them most. 

“NewOrg has really improved the way that we can track and share data. Because our offices are so spread out, having a single database to enter and share information has made our work and ability to serve clients much easier” says Michele Corkum, director of Field Offices.  


With its vast non-profit implementation and support experience, NewOrg was chosen as the database of choice following an extensive search. Below are some of the highlights. 


  • Effective implementation of 6 programs within the one NewOrg system. 
  • Led by 2 of NewOrg’s in-house consultants to accelerate implementation time, which brought their years of experience to help make the process as smooth as possible with a collaborative feel. 
  • Processes for data entry streamlined how we thought of internal policy and stakeholder management. 

Developed summary pages that brought information together from various parts of the database onto a clear, easy to understand form to better understand where an individual was at within a program. 

  • Worked with CCSC Team to develop a smooth process for Intake, Eligibility for Programs, such as TEFAP & CSFP, Household Member Documentation including Household Member demographic breakdowns, and a quick way to identify when clients are eligible for services next. 
  • Implemented Emergency Assistance programs covering differing service lines such as Food Pantry Distribution, Clothing Closet Visits, Shower & Laundry Assistance, and More. 
  • Established a process and documentation methods for Emergency Financial Assistance, to include screening & assessment, appointment scheduling, and inter-agency collaboration amongst service staff and the financial team coordinating monies approved for assistance. 

 Catholic Charities of South Carolina has been active since March 1945 and operates out of ten locations across the state. The organization provides care and services for South Carolinians in need.