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Human Services

Social and Human Services Agencies

Managing Outcomes and people’s Quality of Life

NEWORG MANAGEMENT SYSTEM for Human Services Organizations is an outcome and case management solution that helps case management staff, managers and executive teams drive progress toward health and social services outcomes.

Client Information:  Whether you are looking to improve parenting skills and children’s well-being, prevent risky behaviors, help people recover from trauma, or achieve other outcomes, NewOrg can help you serve your clients better. NewOrg provides real-time, client-level data access that assists program management teams in delivering services – assessments, case planning, and referrals can be centrally stored and reviewed, identifying progress towards your clients outcomes.

Program Management and Design:  At the program-level, you can ensure that the services designed by all your staff and in all your locations are provided and recorded accurately over time. This in turn allows your service delivery to adjust as needed and your programs to more effectively deliver on your mission.

Meeting Funding and Compliance Needs:  NewOrg will allow for efficient aggregation of data, and meeting the compliance and reporting needs of your organization more efficiently and accurately. Share your data with all stakeholders, impress them with your success, and secure their long-term support. We support Family Services, Community Services and Children’s services Organizations with funding from a variety of Federal, State and Private funders.

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NewOrg meets the needs of nonprofits, and government groups providing community services. We work with you in addressing your current needs, and as your organization grows and evolves to have more complex data requirement, you can – on your own – modify the system to meet them or access our expert consultants for support.

Selecting the right software solution can help reduce administrative burden associated with delivering quality senior care and ensuring positive outcomes in your service population.


Gain the ability to track, manage and capture the information you, your staff, clients and funders require.


Share case information, service histories, updated records, pre-configured and custom reports, graphs, and activity tracking in details that are at everyone’s fingertips.

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Improve your service delivery by uniting your staff and programs to measure the improved service delivery using data backed results.

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Managing the Outcomes of Human Services Organizations

With Performance and Case Management Software

NEWORG Management System for Nonprofits is a complete program management solution that supports the needs of Human Services Programs allowing program teams to spend less time on compliance and funder reporting and more time on ensuring the effectiveness of their services for the people who rely on them.

Designed by a project team with over 10 years of experience working with nonprofits, NEWORG helps measure the incremental progress of your participants, understand the effectiveness of your programs, and demonstrate impact to key stakeholders both quickly and easily. Whether you provide case management, training, support groups, or other direct services, NEWORG can help you serve your clients more effectively.  Stop collecting data in disconnected systems, spending inordinate amounts of time on compliance and funder reporting. NewOrg’s outcome managing focus allows Directors and Managers to determine the true impact of their programs by focusing on software for that has been designed for human services organizations.