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Press Release | August 2023 | NewOrg Announces Support for SMS/Text Messaging

NewOrg Announces Support for SMS/Text Messaging

Integrated text and email messaging makes client, donor and volunteer communication more effective.

WASHINGTON, DC (  NewOrg now has integrated SMS/Text messaging built in.  It allows users to target messages to either email, SMS, or both, depending on the recipient’s preferences.

The options are available for reminders, thank you’s, mass communications/notices, newsletters, as well as file sharing and secure messaging.  Replies are also recorded and alerts sent to the originating users.

“Providing SMS as an option for both transactional and mass communication allows NewOrg Partners to reach their constituents more effectively.  Open/Read rates for SMS are significantly higher than email, and can be more immediate and more effective.  Many of our partners serve communities with less access to email, but mobile phones are more ubiquitous, making this an important tool for connecting with clients.”

David Crouch, President, NewOrg Management System

NewOrg Partners can send up to 1000 SMS messages per month at no cost, additional messages are 3 cents per message.


About NewOrg Management System, Inc.

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NewOrg is a leading software developer providing a cloud-based data management platform for nonprofits and local government/social agencies, with more than 50,000 users in the US & Canada since 2006. Celebrating 17 years providing complete, 100% customized data management for nonprofit organizations and affiliates, NewOrg’s integrated software and service approach ensures that our partners improve efficiency, transparency, and sustainability. 

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