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Press Release | September 2023 |Caris Pregnancy Counseling & Resources Implements NewOrg for Tracking Clients, Scheduling Appointments, and Ultrasound/Pregnancy Tests 

Caris is a faith-based nonprofit counseling organization, serving any woman facing an unplanned pregnancy, offering open and non-judgmental support, regardless of faith background or what decisions clients make about their pregnancy. Caris also offers mental health support for those facing parenting challenges or are wrestling with past or current pregnancy decisions. 


“We’ve used many different systems, and we have been greatly pleased with NewOrg’s platform. It’s enabled us to serve our clients better. Thank you!”  

Megan Sisson, Operations Manager


While expanding their programs, Caris found that using separate applications for aspects of their services was cumbersome and impacting their growth.  They sought an all-in-one data management solution to streamline and automate their intake processes, eliminate paper and duplication, and simplify reporting. 


With the helpful guidance of NewOrg’s implementation team, Caris now has a streamlined digital platform with which to manage all of their client intakes, appointments, ultrasounds, pregnancy tests, counseling sessions, and more. 


Some key elements of the implementation efforts were: 

  • Combined scheduling, electronic signatures, forms, intakes, client data, video conferencing, secure file sharing, and reporting into one system instead of 5. 
  • Configured an online intake and scheduling process for new clients. 
  • Implemented workflow processes for new client assignments, appointment scheduling, and utilizing NewOrg File Sharing for electronic signatures, waivers, and consents for services. 
  • Comprehensive documentation for clients receiving ultrasounds and pregnancy tests to include notes recorded by the counselor, sonographer, and physician. 
  • Secure file management for Ultrasound Results and images, along with pregnancy tests results. 
  • User-based permissions for counselors, medical staff, and admin staff to utilize the system with the appropriate accesses. 
  • Online portal for multi-attendee event registrations for the Connection Groups. 





About Caris Pregnancy Counseling & Resources: 


Megan Sisson (Operations Director)
Caris Pregnancy Counseling & Resources
111 N. Wabash Avenue
Chicago, IL 60602


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